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21st CCLC

Dawn Morgan's Media Meeting about 2018-2019 21st CCLC Program
 Lea  County with Lindsay's Interview with the new 21st CCLC Assistant Director

21st CCLC
Amanda White and La Emi meet with the HPD on Wednesday at Coffee with the Cops.  They have a strong partnership between the HPD and 21st CCLC Program.

21st CCLC
Click on the picture above for highlights of Emi Arte Flamenco's 21st CCLC JEF and BGCC Collaborative Presentation.

mural of bear with kid working at the bottom right corner21st CCLC

Check out the mural created by the 21st CCLC Highland Middle School Program and the Oklahoma
State Governor Award  Winning  Muralist Dr. Bob Palmer. 

girl with flute and girl dressed as rat looking at each other

Students from College Lane, Coronado, Edison, Jefferson, Mills, Sanger, Taylor, Southern Heights and
Will Rogers took to the stage Saturday at Tydings Auditorium to perform a musical version of The Pied Piper.
  Click on the photo for highlights.

girl playing violin looking at instructor
Almost 40 HMS students performed on June 22 for parents following a Summer Strings concert that offered them personalized instruction on the guitar, violin and accordion. Click on the photo for highlights.

teacher pouring lemon juice for students

man teaching student how to play guitar
Science teacher Dan Dodson pours lemon juice on a homemade battery to activate electricity during a STEAM camp at Houston Middle School on Tuesday. The camp - for 6th through 8th graders - is sponsored by the 21st CCLC grant and continues through June 29. Click on the photo for more pictures.
HMS students are receiving specialized instruction in how to play the guitar, violin and accordion during a two-week "String Camp" that culminates with a June 22 concert at noon in the HHS Little Theater.

Click Here to view the 21st CCLC Director's Panel Discussion in Santa Fe for the
National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

students standing in front of mural
Artist Dante Rios (kneeling) enlisted the help of Center for the Arts 21st Century Learning students in 
creating his Roadrunner/Wylie Coyote mural on the side of the Q Systems Music & Sound Building at 
423 W. Broadway.  Rios and the students (who attend Will Rogers and Edison) have been working on 
the massive project since March.

Currents New Media
Currents New MediaCurrents New MediaCurrents New Media
Currents New Media
Click on the school buttons above to see the highlights of the project.

21st CCLC

three girls standing in front of table of food

Houston students put a wide array of skills on display for parents on Thursday night during their Appetite
for the Arts Open House. Click on the photo for highlights.

bunch of kids standing with their arms crossed
Students enrolled in the 21st Century After School Hip Hop program won second place Saturday in the City of Hobbs Downtown Slam 'N Jam event.

girl handing a man a plaque
Heizer dedicated its nature garden and trail walk on Thursday in the name of the woman - Lola Rae Heizer Thorp - who donated land for their school. Click on the photo for highlights.

students in costume on stage21st Century Jefferson, Taylor and College Lane students - along with some middle school drama enthusiasts - participated in a recent Willy Wonka production. Click on the photo for highlights.

students standing with basketball team membersUSW basketball players were at Jefferson Elementary on Tuesday to teach 21st Century students about values, teamwork and the value of hard work. They also gave kids a taste of slam dunks by boosting them in the air.

two students with teacher in middle working on a robot 

Students enrolled in Taylor's 21st Century Learning program work with their teacher on robot construction during after-school instruction on Thursday afternoon.

group of students and teachers with medals and trophies
Houston Middle School's Science Olympiad Team took second-place in the weekend's state competition in Socorro. In addition, the team had eight individual state champions. Click on the photo to read how all HMS students who competed finished.
two students taking a selfie

Highland sixth-graders Patcharadanai Suha and Natalia Eubanks post proof on Monday that they've found a world map during a scavenger hunt contest conducted as part of the school's 21st Century After School Program.

two girls with guitars talking to each other
Edison and Will Rogers students put on a display of flamenco guitar playing and singing during aThursday night 21st Century performance at the Center for The Arts.  Click on the photo for highlights.

students standing against mural
Will Rogers and Edison students who participate in the 21st Century enrichment program at the Center for the Arts pose in shapes they helped paint for a mural located outside the building  on Broadway.

girl playing guitar
Jefferson students enrolled in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program performed for parents during a Family Event on Thursday night. Click on the photo for highlights.

two boys looking an airplane with mom in background
Houston Science Olympiad students Ryder Hobbs and Mohammad Sadeghmoghaddam show off theairplane they created for a competition  to Karen Hobbs during a family event at the school on Thursday night.

four students in native american costume

Edison fifth-graders and Taylor 21st Century and fourth-grade students took the stage on Tuesday as part of AEW activities. Click on the photo for highlights.

six girls in flamenco costumes dancing
Jefferson After-School students recently  got the chance learn how to sing, dance and play guitar from professional flamenco instructors who were at their school for two weeks.  Click on the photo for highlights.

instructor helping two students walk on stilts
Students enrolled in an after-school grant program put on a demonstration of circus skills on Friday after two weeks of instruction at Center for the Arts. Click on the photo for highlights.

Wise Fool
Wise Fool

National Institute of FlamencoNational Institute of Flamenco

Southern Heights Elementary students practiced flamenco dancing in preparation for their performance Saturday, Sept. 23rd during the Lea County Center for the Arts Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. The students learned from dancers from the National Institute of Flamenco.

The performances were free for students 18 and under, Southern Heights Elementary 21st Century Community Learning Center parents and LCCA members.  The Hispanic Art show at the Center for the Arts was also opened to the public to view.  Click on the pictures above for video of the practice.

two boys on ground with popsickle stick catapaults
Jefferson students who attend the after-school program were busy with a number of activities on Tuesday.  Click on the photo for highlights.

kids in costumes on stage


Students from nine elementary schools took the stage on Saturday for a performance of The Tortoise and the Hare.
Click on the photo for highlights.  Thank you to the High School Theatre Internship Program
for filming the performance on Saturday.


Full Performance Part 1
MCT Part 2

Full Performance Part 2


Full Performance Part 3


girl dancing with colorful dress


                         Click on the picture above for an overview of the 21st CCLC Program.

Changing Education Through the Arts


Martin Luther King Jr. said, "We must use time creatively."  That is exactly what a group of teacher leaders from the
21st CCLC and Fine Arts Programs did on a few of their summer vacation days as they learned some strategies
for reaching students through the arts at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

ISTE ConferenceISTE ConferenceISTE Conference
21st CCLC STEM Program teachers also took a few of their summer vacation days as they learned some strategies
for reaching students through the Science and Technology at the ISTE Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

mom watching son work on a car
Students enrolled in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) summer camp at Houston Middle School got a chance to build, then race battery powered cars against one another on June 23 while their parents got a chance to see what they had learned during the week-long camp.
student examining violin
Hobbs students in second through 8th-grade are keeping cool this week learning to play instruments at a summer camp that is exposing them to stringed instruments and the accordion. Click on the photo for highlights.

Around 50 students a week showed up at Houston Middle School to attend a STEM Camp.  They are exploring different strands of the STEM World.  There is a Family Event for the STEM Camp coming up at 1:00 pm every Friday in June at Houston Middle School. 



Students from 21st CCLC HIL, TAY and Teen Center collaborated with MEOW WOLF Artist on a media arts project.  These three displays will be exhibited at the Center for the Arts 122 W. Broadway all summer.

two students and teacher working on art project
Highland 21st Century after-school students  - who toured Santa Fe's wacky Meow Wolf art museum last weekend - are busy this week putting together their own imaginative abstract displays for Saturday's Districtwide Art Show at Center for the Arts.


CCLC Highland and Teen Center Students went up to MEOW WOLF to tour the exhibit and workshop where a team of Santa Fe artists are working on some scaled masterpieces from the student's prototype designs.  The collaborative artwork with MEOW WOLF and the students from Highland, Teen Center and Taylor Elementary will be on display at the Center for the Arts 122 W. Broadway on Saturday, May13th.

Chief Gomez with four students and teacher
Hobbs Fire Chief Manny Gomez (left), judged Jefferson's 21st Century Debate Class Thursday on their viewpoints regarding which is better - Brains or Beauty?

21st CCLC Taylor Elementary students put their STEM class on wheels in the Taylor Elementary hallway for their Family Event on Thursday Night.

boy and girl dancer in folklorico costume
Southern Heights after-school folklorico dancers took their act on the road to Will Rogers on Thursday. Click on the photo for highlights.

girl dancing with colorful dress

Center for the Arts, Jefferson and Southern Heights students danced at the Center for the Arts on Friday night. Click on photo for highlights.

Heizer students and staff turned out for a Fun Run/Walk and Community Garden Day on Saturday morning that raised money for the Renaissance program and showed off the efforts of the after-school horticulture class.  Click on the photo for highlights.

JEFJefferson students gave a combined dance/recorder concert program at their school on Thursday. Folkoria dancers gave a demonstration of moves they've been working on during the after-school program while fifth-grade students who have been learning about rhythm and music throughout the school year also performed.  Click on the photo for highlights.

Hobbs Country Club chef Nick Prieto was the special guest lecturer for Jefferson Elementary's 21st Century After School cooking class on Thursday. In addition to teaching students how to make healthy treats with apples and strawberries, Prieto also gave pointers on making the perfect Smores.


The Houston and Heizer 21st CCLC Programs Traveled to Socorro last week to compete at the State Science Olympiad Competition.  The Houston Middle School Science Olympiad team (left) won third place at the state contest over the weekend while Heizer (right) - competing in its first ever state competition - nabbed 12th.  Click here for more details on top finishers.

Click on the photo for a look at Jefferson Elementary School's recent drum performance at the Black History Awareness Celebration held at the Center for the Arts.


efferson teacher Brittany Murray helps students involved in the school's after-school classes test their brains in a battle of Kerplunk. Jefferson expanded its 21st century grant program to 16 classes this semester and are getting students involved in activities that include - among other things -  cooking, reading, engineering, music, science, art sculpture and sewing.  Click on the Picture for the Presentation at the 2017 FAEA Winter Conference.


What’s Next? 

“Champions Adapt.” - Warren Bu

This last week on a brisk January morning in New Mexico, I walked into Taylor Elementary... one of our fastest growing 21st CCLC sites. I was researching a storage area for an inventory of supplies for their program. In the corner of the storage area on a shelf rested what looked like an old dusty IBM Selectric Typewriter. This was a machine my dad sold for IBM right out of college and long before I was born. It was a state of the art machine at the time - a typewriter on steroids so to speak. Overtime, my dad made the transition to selling mainframe systems for IBM and later for other companies. However, most of the people my dad knew who sold the IBM Selectric retired when it was replaced by the PC. These salesmen failed to adapt. I remember walking into his office and seeing an old brown IBM Selectric with the keyboard taken out and replaced by a potted plant growing inside. An ode to a by-gone era... and a Buffett-ism “Champions Adapt.”

The ability to adjust to each level of innovation creates great programs in education not overnight... but overtime. Nobody ever enjoys being part of progress, but they are necessary in big projects. These projects which grow from the “skunkworks” level and are scaled to an established size. This is where the program begins to impact large groups of students at a high level. It all depends on the stakeholders asking the right questions like “What’s Next?” Welcome to the frontier of educational leadership.

Looking at survey data, impact on student grades, and reflecting on the logistics of the program the past six months is where we begin the process of our Spring Action Plan. If we do our job, the growth of the program in the coming months and years will develop more fractal like the plant in my dad’s IBM Selectric and less like a hard template inflexible and thus incapable of growing big.

The one thing I have learned living in Hobbs, New Mexico for almost ten years is this community is incapable of doing small things. When they commit to a project, it is a big project. The 21st CCLC Program passed the 850 mark in registrations and is climbing this month. We haven’t even started the registrations for the Summer Camps yet which will be a new wave of students.

It is interesting how different yet how strong the teams are which are forming at every site around the district. This mixture of school staff and community folks has grown into something the students see as one big team who is investing in them after the last bell rings. 



More than 200 students and family members turned out for Friday night's spaghetti dinner at Taylor Elementary School - a celebration for students who are involved in the 21st Century after-school program.

Highland Middle School students displayed skills they've learned in after-school programs for their parents during a special family event on Thursday night. Similar programs occurred simultaneously at Houston and Heizer Middle Schools on Thursday. Click on the photo for highlights.


Jefferson first-graders were joined in their Christmas music program on Thursday morning by folklorico and rhythm students from the after-school program.

The 21st CCLC students stole the show at the Fashion Show at the Center for the Arts on Friday.



KZOR Media Meeting for November and December 2016.

Jefferson students who have spent the past three months benefiting from after-school programs funded by a federal grant put on a display of what they've learned for parents on Thursday night.  Click on the picture for highlights.

Performing in a schoolwide assembly on Tuesday, Southern Heights students displayed some of the skills they've learned in after-school programs that include dancing, flute lessons and video editing instruction.  
Click on the photo 
for highlights.


SPUR TV students from the 21st CCLC Southern Heights site visited the KNMJC T-Bird Radio 100.9 FM Studio this fall. This field trip was part of of connecting their studies in TV production in their out-of-school time in elementary school to a college and career track at the New Mexico Junior College.  
Click on the picture above for SPUR TV's Fall Project Portfolio.

21st CCLC

21st CCLC

21st CCLC

One of our community sub-contractors, Mick Cavanaugh, started working with the team at the 21st CCLC Center for the Arts Site.  They broke out the paint and created some mural panels they will complete by the end of the month with an "Energy Complex Theme".



21st CCLC


Arnold Cardon works with Will Rogers fourth-grader Hannah Crawford on how to hold her fingers for a D chord during an after-school session Thursday at the Hobbs Boys and Girls Club.  Thanks to a 21st century learning grant, elementary and middle school students from all over town are getting a chance to branch out into new areas of learning.  Click on the photo for some highlights of the elementary school programs.

21st CCLC

A Strong Mind...

“To be very talented in music and dance, You need a strong mind in math; A strong mind in reading; A strong mind in science. These children all have that within them. We as adults need to nurture that talent.”

- Karen Salb
Joe and Joyce Walker Award Winner 2014 Outstanding Artist of the Year

Our team of over 100 stakeholders, volunteers, staff and subcontractors are now entering our 21st day of programming in our brand new afterschool initiative in Hobbs, New Mexico call the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program (21st CCLC).

After these initial days of building a foundation of programming, it is those thoughts from one of our community’s private dance school teachers, Karen Salb, that I keep foremost in my mind. The thought behind the mission of all education... the strong mind. More importantly, in order to nurture strong minds, you first must have one.

My parents instilled in my mind growing up about the importance of 21 days and how you never have really attempted anything unless you have formed a habit of doing it. 21 days is commonly recognized as the magic amount of time to form a good or bad habit. My piano teacher, Mrs. Lee, was very adamant about us developing only good habits. One day, she sent home a large cardboard sign with big colorful block letters on it. This sign sat on an easel beside of our family’s upright Baldwin piano. It read “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice make perfect.” Mrs. Lee did not want us practicing things the wrong way away from her watchful eye. 21 years later, I can still hear my piano teacher reminding me of that lesson that transcended every music lesson.

In reflection on 21 days into the 21st CCLC program, I know we have a solid team forming and growing stronger by the day. Our team consists of high-quality instructors who are eager to nurture the young minds of students who are staying afterschool to “learn more things” in science and the arts.

This is our mission moment as we celebrate the 21st day of the new program and focus on developing these good habits and strong minds in the students during the afterschool programs and beyond. The 21st Century world is rife with hostility but also unlimited opportunity for those with strong minds.

Congratulations on your 21st Day! 

21st CCLC

Students from Southern Heights Elementary were on stage Saturday at the Center for the Arts during Fiesta De Septembre for a 21st CCLC Family Event.

peter pan
Students from College Lane, Jefferson, Southern Heights and Taylor were on stage Saturday at Tydings Auditorium for a Missoula Children's Theatre performance of Peter and Wendy.  Click on the photo for highlights.

Peter and Wendy
Heizer students ended their school day on Friday with an assembly featuring a mariachi band. The musical ensemble is in town for this weekend's Hispanic Heritage celebration. The festivities continue from 3-5 p.m. Saturday at Center for the Arts, 122 W. Broadway, where Southern Heights folklorico dancers will be featured.

peter pan
College Lane fifth-grader Emily Stuard won the role of Peter Pan following Monday afternoon's auditions for the Missoula Children's Theatre production of Peter and Wendy. Students from College Lane, Jefferson, Southern Heights and Taylor auditioned yesterday and now will spend the next week memorizing lines prior to Saturday's 3 p.m. performance at Tydings Auditorium. Click on the photo for tryout highlights.

Students from Coronado, Edison, Mills and Sanger were featured performers in a space-age and imaginatively-costumed version of Gulliver's Travels on Saturday. Click on the picture for photo highlights.

Hobbs students are staying busy with after-school enrichment activities - including using engineering skills to build roller coasters -  thanks to a 21st-century learning grant that teams schools with community partners. For a look at this week's wide variety of activities at four HMS schools, Expressions Dance Academy, the Hobbs Teen Center and Center for the Arts, click on the photo.

Brevin McCool launches a rocket Monday night at Houston's Middle School's football field. McCool and more than 40 other students built the rockets during the first session of an after-school program financed by a federal grant. Students at all three middle schools and most elementary schools are benefitting from the enhanced learning sessions which feature everything from art and music instruction to robotics and math.

MCT 2016

New Mexico's Youth Art Month continues in Hobbs with MCT's "Gulliver's Travels". Another successful 21st CCLC Family Event.  Click on the picture for the full performance.


 21st CCLC
Source (solarsystem.nasa.gov)

 Back when I thought I knew everything, I was in my first years as an art teacher at a private school in Florida.  One night, I decided to drive an hour east to see a night launch on the space coast.  I parked in Titusville across the Intracoastal Waterway from the launch site at Cape Canaveral.  There was a crowd gathering all adjusting their eyes to the darkness as they found a seat on the large rocks and set their gaze in the distance where there were small flashing lights from the launch area.  Even though we could not see that far, there were clearly people from NASA at the top of their fields of study going through their final checklists.  This event would be the first shuttle mission lead by a female commander, Eileen Collins.  Being an historical launch as well as the fact that other launch dates had been scrubbed recently made the anticipation evident. 

Then there was the launch itself.  We all heard booming in the distance as the ground shook.  Then the night sky for an instant turned to daylight from the blast.  As the shuttle disappeared into the darkness towards its mission, the sound of applause and whistles of the people of the rocks was all that was left to be heard.

In the 21st Century there are few things that really amaze us anymore.  Everything is at our finger tips.  But there is something about how a night launch could turn night to day even if if it was for a second in time that still inspires the mission in all of us.  

With our 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant (21st CCLC), we have a program launch fast approaching.  Our talented site coordinators, chosen from the top teachers in the district, have assembled some impressive teams and crafted some creative plans to make their 21st CCLC site the best in the state.  All of their hard work behind the scenes this summer was far from the notice of their students and parents.  In the middle of this down economy in the oil patch remains this dedication of these creative builders burning the midnight oil preparing for a successful launch of a brand new district-wide program.

I have no doubt this new program will have many large and small successes as a team of around 100 stakeholders who are dedicated to finding new ways to bring STEM and arts infusion into the 21st CCLC Afterschool Program.  

Before a launch there are always people watching in the distance uncertain and anxious for a successful launch, like I was... sitting there across the shore on the rocks seventeen years ago before the night launch.  Some days I wonder who we are inspiring a generation from now to find their own team of people to launch something that can bring daylight to dark times.

We look forward to a great 2016-2017 in the 21st CCLC Program.

Tyson Ledgerwood
Elementary Fine Arts Coordinator
Hobbs Municipal Schools

Youth Arts Month
Click on the picture above for an overview of the 21st CCLC Program.

KZOR Media Meeting about the 21st CCLC Program Launch

Elementary Fine Arts Coordinator Tyson Ledgerwood outlines details of a federal grant during Tuesday's school board meeting. The grant was awarded to HMS and community partners last week and will finance nearly $5 million in activities ranging from music instruction to parenting techniques over the next four years. Programs will be offered at the Hobbs Teen Center, Boys and Girls Club, Center for the Arts and HMS elementary and middle schools and will impact hundreds of students.  Click on the picture of the presentation for the program design.

Click on the KZOR link to listen to the Media Meeting about the District Wide Art Show Exhibit Series and 21st CCLC Program Launch.

kids in costumes on stage
kids in costumes on stage
kids in costumes on stage
students in costume on stage
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