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Hobbs Municipal Schools
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Science: It's a Girl Thing



The Institute for the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners (IDEAL) at Texas Tech University opens the eyes of thousands of students to the endless adventures in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). Our mission is to provide distinctive and unique outreach programs that promote academic excellence in STEAM and diversity. 


Science: It’s A Girl Thing 

Session I: June 5th-9th (Grades 5 – 6)

Session II&III: June 12th-16th (Grades 7 – 12)

SIGT provides girls with strong role models and dispel myths and misconceptions about careers in STEM. Campers experience university life, hands-on classes and recreational activities.  In the past we have offered classes ranging from Robotics to Microbiology. This approach exposes girls to diverse topics in science and sparks interests that could lead to a lifelong career. Students write a short biography on their interests and are assigned to two STEM courses based on what information they share. The J. F Maddox Foundation graciously provides full scholarships to selected Hobbs Municipal Schools students.  

Autobiographical Statement 

You will be assigned to two classes based on your statement. Please see list of potential classes being offered to include in your statement.


A Toxic World


Animal Science & Food Technology

Anatomy & Physiology

Atmospheric Science


Chemical Engineering



Computer Science


Control Engineering


Earth Science

Electrical Engineering


Environmental Engineering


3D Design Engineering



Forensic Entomology


GIS Mapping

In The Lab


LEGO Robotics


Life Science

Lightning Revolution









Seeking Black Gold


Please register online here and please do not share the link with others: 

SIGT I (rising 5th-6th grade)

SIGT II (rising 7th-8th grade)

SIGT II (rising 9th-12th grade)


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