Secondary Instruction

Welcome to the Hobbs Municipal Schools Department of Secondary Instruction.  

The Deputy Director for Secondary Instruction is Eppie Calderon.  His office is located at the District Central Office at 1515 E. Sanger. He can be reached by phone at 575 433-0100.

Our mission is to insure that all secondary students receive a rigorous, appropriate, and challenging course of instruction.  Our goal is to provide great instruction, for every student, in every class, every day.  Our expectation is that every student that graduates from Hobbs High School will be well prepared for college and/or the workforce.

Functions of this department include:
  • Facilitating the design and implementation of the district's secondary programs and curriculum
  • Supporting administrators, teachers, and other staff in developing and following recognized best practices
  • Identifying and providing opportunities for staff professional development
  • Monitoring the implementation of the district's secondary programs through various accountability measures

The Secondary Instruction Department Staff consists of:

  • Eppie Calderon, Deputy Director for Secondary Instruction
  • Scharlotte Johnson,  Secondary Instruction Secretary
  • Truckston McKay Secondary Math Coordinator
  • Melissa Richards-Doss, Secondary Social Studies Coordinator
  • Debbie Dean NBCT, Secondary Science Coordinator
  • Paula Seeker, Secondary English Language Arts Coordinator

Straight talk for parents and students.

Should you take Advanced Placement Classes?

If you plan on going to college and graduating, taking one or more AP classes is a great plan.  AP students graduate college at much higher rates and have higher grade point averages than non-AP students.

Many students get into college but only a few succeed.  According to a recent study for every 100 9th graders, 67 graduate from high school, 38 go to college, 26 are still in college after their freshman year, and only 15 graduate college within 6 years.

My advice is to do everything possible to make sure that you are one of the college success stories.  Taking AP classes is one of the very best ways to prepare for college life.  I recommend them for anyone planning to attend college.  Feel free to call me at 433-0100 if you want more details.

"Senioritis" (relaxing during the Senior Year) 

Many high school seniors and thier parents think it is a good plan to take a "light" or less challenging Senior year.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Over 40% of incoming college freshmen are required to take remedial classes due to being under prepared in high school.  College is a competitive and largely unsupervised endeavor.  Students who succeed need to be at the top of thier game when they enter college.  If you were going to college on a basketball scholarship, would you even consider not playing basketball your senior year?  Probably not.  The same is true with academic preparation.  Your academic skills and study habits need to be in peak form to be successful in college.

Colleges can even revoke the admission of students previously admitted if the student does not perform their senior year.

If you develop lazy academic habits your Senior year, those are the ones you will take to college.  If you work hard and challenge yourself your Senior year you will be better prepared to make it in college.

Almost one third of students going to college as Freshmen don't make it back for their second year and only about 39% of those that start college actually graduate.

A little hard work now, will pay you dividends for many years.

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